AI Video Analytics & Management Software


Deep learning AI Video Analytics solution and video management solution which includes: Face Recognition, Intrusion Detection, License Plate Recognition, Face Counting and Analysis, Body temperature, Mask Detection and more. Here's a brief overview:

  • Face Recognition: Our solution utilizes deep learning algorithms to accurately identify and recognize faces in real-time. This feature enables personalized access control, attendance tracking, and security enforcement.
  • Intrusion Detection: By analyzing video feeds, our system can detect unauthorized intrusions into restricted areas. It provides real-time alerts to security personnel, allowing for prompt response and mitigation of security threats.
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR): Our solution employs deep learning models to recognize license plates from vehicles captured by surveillance cameras. This enables automated vehicle identification, access control, and tracking of vehicles within monitored areas.
  • Face Counting and Analysis: With face counting and analysis capabilities, our solution can provide valuable insights into visitor demographics, crowd management, and occupancy levels in various settings such as retail stores, events, or public spaces.
  • Body Temperature Detection: Using thermal imaging technology and deep learning algorithms, our system can accurately measure body temperatures of individuals in real-time. This enables proactive health screening and helps identify individuals with elevated temperatures, potentially indicating fever or illness.
  • Mask Detection: Our solution can detect whether individuals are wearing masks in compliance with safety regulations and public health guidelines. This feature promotes safety and helps enforce mask-wearing policies in public spaces, workplaces, and other environments.
  • Video Management: Our video management solution provides a centralized platform for managing and analyzing video footage captured by surveillance cameras. It offers features such as live viewing, playback, event recording, and customizable alerts. Integration with our AI video analytics enhances overall security and operational efficiency.

Overall, our deep learning AI video analytics solution and video management solution offer a comprehensive suite of features to address various security and surveillance needs. Whether you require face recognition, intrusion detection, license plate recognition, or other advanced analytics, our solution provides reliable and scalable capabilities to meet your requirements. If you have any specific questions or need further details, feel free to ask!



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